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my dearest internet friends,
welcome to my web site,
the time is here & it is now upon a "New Age" is happening. this is of obviously of no doubt. and in this, "New Era"m, there must be a new order of the whole world... that's right, u guessed it, an HERMAPHRODITIC! order@! wellcome to the "New Cult of Hermaphroditos Salmacis", firends, , & as a weocemoms u you ihave one 1 mission. to loive your life in a: in the hermaphrodITC DSOF OREDER TO LIVE U BE A A G HERM AP HRODITE NO GEDHNDEWRLSSESS

PICTURED BELOW ARE TWO VITALL aspects of the nĂ¼ ouroborean order::: left, thee Cartogram, & right, thee Process.... STUDY Tgem Well hehehehehe....
what can be said about beigem onk; That hasn't been stated already? Truely one of the greatest thinkers, of our time. a true synthesis of viritue,rightheousness, and Truth. the most,